The City of Hempstead Police Department


David W. Hartley
Chief of Police
Patrick Christian
Assistant Chief of Police
N. Shelton

Investigations Division

Sergeant T. Valentine          Sergeant R. Martin 
Criminal Investigators


Patrol Supervisors

   Sergeant L. James          Sergeant T. Spillers  
Corporal S. Angulo


Warrant Officer

Officer K. Whorton


Patrol Officers

    Officer R. Trahan       Officer S. Moreno        Officer A. Suggs  
       Officer O. Lopez          Officer F. Wallace           Officer J. Castillo
            Officer L. Prudente      Officer J. Langston     Officer B. Metcalf 
Open Position 


Reserve Patrol Officers

         Sergeant T. Piccolo         
   Officer G. Tarver          Officer J. Crosby  
    Officer P. Templet             To Be Determined   



S. Shepard
Administrative Assistant  
    S. Cunningham                S. Fisher          
Telecommunications Operators 
 *Photos Coming Soon*