The City of Hempstead Police Department

~Crime Prevention information from the Hempstead Police Department to the news media and the general public~

Public education concerning crime issues is an important part of the police department's overall response to crime in the community. A properly informed citizen will find it much easier to reduce his or her risk of becoming a victim of crime.

Home Security Surveys

COMING SOON!-  A service soon to be offered for Crime Prevention is the Home Security Survey. An officer will inspect a citizen's home and determine what security improvements should be made to the home. If a home survey is done, and the home meets the requirements set out by the Texas Department of Insurance to receive a certificate, that home may entitle the homeowner to a reduction in their homeowner's insurance premiums, depending on insurance company policy. The amount of reduction can be 5 to 20%. Homeowners should contact their insurance agent first to determine if a discount will be given. Many homes qualify "as is". Many others need only minor additions in order to qualify.

Regardless of the insurance reduction or not, the increased security will reduce the homeowner's risk of becoming a victim of crime.  This inspection is fast and free of charge, but must be scheduled in advance. This is because only a licensed Peace Officer who has been through a 40-hour course specifically designed for the inspections can perform them.

Currently, an officer can come out to assist you with any questions regarding the security of your home but it will not be a certified inspection. Our officers will be more than happy to walk around your home to help point out security issues and potential target areas/items.

Contact the Hempstead Police Department to schedule a Home Security Survey.

Basic Home Safety Packet

Disclaimer: Obtaining a home inspection, whether certified or non-certified, does not garuantee that a crime cannot happen to the property. The City of Hempstead Police Department offers this service as a tool to help citizens to protect themselves by giving knowledge of common security problems.

  Bike Registration

Register your bicycles with the Hempstead Police Departments and help us to try to recover it.